Apple Announces WWDC 2012 Keynote Date and Time

Apple Announces WWDC 2012 Keynote Date and Time

With all the advancements in technology coming along the last few years, especially from Apple, whenever the company has an event of any kind. it’s big news. Following that is the announcement today that Apple has officially confirmed the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote will be held at 10:00AM on June 11th at Moscone West in San Francisco.

The news of a keynote for this Apple Developer event isn’t very surprising considering they have one every year. What is somewhat surprising, however, is that the company has not confirmed who will be delivering said keynote.

In the past, Apple Co-Founder and CEO Steve Jobs did the honors. Since his passing, new CEO Tim Cook has taken over. This time around, though, with no confirmation forthcoming, it’s anyone’s guess.

Of course, it could just be that Apple hasn’t announced the keyote speaker yet because they are still working out the details. Or, and this is a scenario I prefer to believe, they are working on something really amazing for the event.

My vote for what this amazing thing could be: Hologram Steve Jobs.

As for what they may announce at the event, it’s always fun to guess. My vote for this one is iOS 6, new MacBook Air-inspired MacBook Pro laptops and a little preview of the next iPhone. Those all sound pretty great. Let’s hope I’m right.