Get Your First Look at Marvel's 'Infernal Man-Thing'

Get Your First Look at Marvel’s ‘Infernal Man-Thing’

Of all the popular Marvel characters, one of the most unlikely is Man-Thing. He’s not your average hero, but in many ways is far more interesting and fun than some of the others in Marvel’s roster.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise Marvel is giving Man-Thing a new comic series all his own. Of course, we’ve got a look at the first issue of the new comic, which is called Infernal Man-Thing, for you today.

But before we can do that, here’s some marketing stuff from Marvel:

From legendary creators Kevin Nowlan and the late, great Steve Gerber comes the highly-anticipated supernatural epic that’s 20 years in the making! When the Man-Thing resurfaces, it must solve the mystery of the “Screenplay of the Living Dead Man” – and it’s the only thing that can!

Okay, check out the preview after the break. Look for Infernal Man-Thing #1 to arrive on July 4.