Warner Bros. Moving Forward with 'Justice League' Movie. . . Again

Warner Bros. Moving Forward with ‘Justice League’ Movie. . . Again

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Marvel and Disney should feel pretty good right about now. Why? Well, because of the success of Marvel’s The Avengers, Warner Bros has decided to move forward (again) with its long gestating Justice League movie.

Now before you get too excited, they’ve only hired a writer. Although, that’s a great first step considering movies just don’t spontaneously happen by themselves with actors making up their lines on the day (regardless of what actors tell you).

The latest writer to take on the Justice League is Will Beall, who wrote the studios Gangster Squad movie that’s coming out soon. Apparently, because that’s an enseamble piece about a group of gangsters, the studio feels it qualifies Beall to write a Justice League movie? Sure, why not?

In fact, Warner Bros. must really love Beall because he’s also writitng their Lethal Weapon reboot and the reboot of Logan’s Run. He must never sleep.

Of course, we’ll be following this as it develops. In the meantime, look for a Justice League movie sometime in the future. It’s pretty much inevitable it will get made. It’s just a matter of time.