What Will Apple Announce at Monday's WWDC 2012 Keynote?

What Will Apple Announce at Monday’s WWDC 2012 Keynote?

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference set for next week, anticipation is building as to what the company will announce during its keynote presentation on Monday. We, of course, have our suspicions. . . and don’t mind sharing them.

Here’s what we think will happen:

iOS 6 — This is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s a developer conference, after all, so an announcement of new software to power the next generation of iPhone and iPad is to be expected. In addition to new notifications and tighter integration with Facebook and Twitter, we’ve got our fingers crossed for Android-like widgets — but that’s probably a longshot. Also expect mention and demos of Mac OS X Mountain Lion too.

New MacBook Pros — The current lineup of MacBook Pro computers is in dire need of a refresh. What better place to announce thinner, faster pro laptops than at WWDC?

Apple TV — This is a bit more of a longshot. However, we think Apple wants to get into your living room in a big way, so look for an Apple-branded TV or more powerful/amazing Apple TV black box to be unveiled. We don’t necessarily believe Apple will go all the way and offer an actual TV, but stranger things have happened.

Mac Pros — The pro lineup of Apple’s desktop computers hasn’t been updated in over eighteen months. That’s a long time in computer terms. One of two things will happen: Apple will update the lineup or kill it completely. We think they’ll update it because a segment of the market still loves those computers and uses them in a professional setting.

It would be dumb for Apple to get rid of them completely. Although, they did kill the XServe because they didn’t really want to compete in the enterprise market. Maybe the Mac Pros are destined to go away too and Apple really will just become a consumer-focused company? It’s entirely possible.

Retina Macs — I don’t know about you but I would love to have the resolution of the new iPad in a laptop like the MacBook Air. Don’t think that’s gonna happen this time around but it is likely Apple will update the iMac and potentially the new (if it’s announced) MacBook Pro with a retina display. That would be pretty awesome.

As stated above, some of these announcements are more likely than others. Some are probably just wishful thinking for WWDC as Apple doesn’t tend to announce a whole bunch of stuff at once and instead usually sticks to a couple things and then the infamous “one more thing.” Still, most of this probably will happen, it may just be more a matter of waiting a bit longer than having it all at once.

Okay, that’s what we think. What say you?