Joss Whedon's Three Hour 'Avengers' Director's Cut Could Get a Theatrical Release

Joss Whedon’s Three Hour ‘Avengers’ Director’s Cut Could Get a Theatrical Release

The Avengers has become one of the most successful films of all time. In record time it has brought in over $570 Million domestically, but it is not likely to surpass the top two films on the all time charts during its initial run at the Box Office.

Superhero Authority is reporting that Marvel Studios knows that the nature of the Summer movie season limits The Avengers chances for ultimate all time glory. So in an effort to give the movie a chance we might see a re-release in the near future:

The Avengers is sitting comfortably at No. 3 overall on both the domestic and International ticket sale charts but it seems both Marvel and Disney desire the No. 1 overall spot and a current rumor says they could be contemplating releasing The Avengers: Director’s Cut in theaters at the end of this summer.

It might not take the film all the way to the top spot, but a directors cut re-release could do more business than the Titanic 3D re-release from earlier this year, which at the end of the day is all that divides The Avengers and the number two spot. It is not 100% known what new material Marvel has for the movie, but at nearly 40 minutes of new stuff the film would take on a whole new level of epic.

It doesn’t escape The Flickcast that an official extended edition re-release gives Marvel the option of adding in more teases for the next phase of the Marvel film series. So keep your eyes peeled here for more details as they develop.