Jay and Silent Bob Return To The Movies... In Animated Form!

Jay and Silent Bob Return To The Movies… In Animated Form!

Say what you will about the recent work of Kevin Smith, but there was a time when he was the voice of a whole generation of film fans. As a card-carrying Smith fan I have been enjoying nearly all of his output since the underrated Mallrats, and yes that includes Jersey Girl.

One of criminally under seen projects he brought to the world was Clerks: The Animated Series. An absurd cartoon that packed more laughs into its brief six episode run than several whole seasons of The Cleveland Show. It was a show ahead of its time, heck it even co-starred Alec Baldwin before he became a comedy icon in 30 Rock.

Well it seems that Smith hasn’t gotten animation out of his system just yet, MTV Geek News is reporting that Smith is looking to release his first animated feature next year:

Entitled “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” the movie is slated for next year. Why do the next “Jay & Silent Bob” in animation? “We’re cartoon whores here at SModCo,” Smith admitted. He also said that his SModcast Pictures will do a tour similar to the one they did for “Red State USA” to promote their first animated feature.

Hopefully the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie takes its cues from the Animated Series and exists in that same fictional universe, if only to see Leonardo Leonardo being thwarted one more time. ‘Well played… Clerks!’