Yvonne Strahovsky Joining 'Dexter' For Season 7

Yvonne Strahovsky Joining ‘Dexter’ For Season 7

Fans of Chuck, the series that would not die (until it did) have probably been missing one of the best reasons to watch that show: Yvonne Strahovsky. Fortunately, the TV gods have smiled on us and will be giving us more of our favorite female super spy soon.

That’s right, the lovely Strahovsky will be joining Showtime’s Dexter in season seven for a multi-episode arc. She’ll play a “strong, independent woman” who helps Dexter and his colleagues with a few old cases — but Dexter thinks there’s something she’s not telling them. I’ll bet he’s right.

Of course, as we all know, Showtime is a premium cable network which often features a great deal of blood, violence and nudity/sex. Does this mean we’ll finally get to see more of Strahovsky than we’ve seen on those websites where they put celebrity heads on other nude bodies for fun? Not that we’ve ever gone there of course. . .

Whatever happens, this development is more than enough reason for us to take an interest in Dexter again. Kudos Showtime. Kudos.