An Extended Preview 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score Teases Your Ears

An Extended Preview ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Score Teases Your Ears

It took me a while to come around on the score for The Dark Knight. I was disappointed that all of my favorite musical moments seemed like poorer versions of themes that originated in Batman Begins. I think the music fits the movie well, but isn’t quite as impactful as the first film’s score.

Of course then I listened to the soundtrack, and in the context of a stand alone musical experience the score finally began to work for me. I can now appreciate the work as one of the better soundtracks of 2008, which it very much was.

So obviously there is a lot of excitement for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises score, which hopefully wont take me nearly as long to get behind. Warner Bros. can no doubt sense that anticipation as they have just released an extended preview of the music from the movie. Providing :30 second clips for each track of the upcoming soundtrack release.

It is impossible to judge a score based on seven and a half minutes built from fifteen tracks, but the tease does provide likely confirmation that there will be no grand departure in the musical portion of the blockbuster-to-be. If anything it allows for those same reservations I had about The Dark Knight score to creep back into my head.

You can take a listen to the extended preview after the jump, and be sure to experience the whole thing in theaters July 20th.

I highly recommend you search out the track Molossus from the Batman Begins soundtrack after you finish with this particular tease. It provided me with some musical closure.