Lots of Old Friends Return in the 'Resident Evil: Retribution' Full Trailer

Lots of Old Friends Return in the ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Full Trailer

The Resident Evil films are shameless, they are non-stop action filled cacophonies that are filled to the brim with characters that together share about three brain cells. So why is it that these films are so much fun? Because, for the most part, the series know what it is and it revels in it.

Director Paul W. S. Anderson is not trying to speak to the core of the human condition, he is trying to entertain the masses with well produced zombie violence. He is aiming for fun and stupid, not heady and contemplative. That is a big reason why he is my favorite of all Paul Anderson filmmakers, his goal in film-making is to entertain, and he is damn good at it.

Point of example. In the past Resident Evil films several fantastic characters have come and gone, including the immensely bad ass Oded Fehr. So what does ole W.S. do to spice up the fifth film? He brings nearly all of them back. Why, because it would be cool, that is why! No further explanation needed in this series.

Some times films should exist to put a smile on your face, to provide fun on visceral level. In that the Resident Evil movies have always succeeded, trying to reach down and entertain that inner 13-year-old inside all of us. If you want to be perplexed and challenged by a film, that other Paul Anderson has a movie coming out too, by all means enjoy it. I for one will be front and center for this particular celebration of entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters this September, check out the full trailer after the jump.

And for all you Resident Evil game snobs out there, try to enjoy these films for what they are meant to be, not for what you wish they were.