Hans Zimmer Brings His Percussive Style To 'Man of Steel'

Hans Zimmer Brings His Percussive Style To ‘Man of Steel’

The Superman reboot, Man of Steel, is a very important movie for Warner Bros. and DC. Green Lantern was lackluster and the current successful Batman franchise is coming to an end in just a few weeks. So the Superman reboot needs to connect if DC doesn’t want to start from scratch in the post-Avengers comic book movie world.

So what does Warner Bros. and DC feel is the best bet to make their new Superman a success? Why, they bring in as much of the creatives behind The Dark Knight franchise as possible to mimic that franchises success of course. The most recent addition coming in the form of composer Hans Zimmer joining up.

On the surface, Hans Zimmer is a great choice for the composer of a Superman movie. He is one of the greater action composers working today, and the more the reboot focuses on big, blustery action the better. On the flip side, Zimmer’s better works all tend to skew a little darker and less optimistic than past successful Superman scores shared.

One little quirk that seems to be present in all of the best Superman themes is that the music allows you to sing ‘Superman’ as a lyric. They are almost Superman anthems that reflect the bright and optimistic tone that defines the character. If Zimmer follows those themes for his music we could be in line for a very interesting score, otherwise this might represent yet another nail in the current DC movie-verse coffin.

Man of Steel hits theaters next year, stay tuned to The Flickcast for all the super-updates as the develop.