First Trailer for 'Dredd' Almost Makes Us Believe

First Trailer for ‘Dredd’ Almost Makes Us Believe

Thoughts of Stallone and his “I am the law!” still echo in our collective brains, which is why it’s a bit difficult to take any new movie about Judge Dredd seriously. However, the folks making the new, rebooted version keep on slugging away and after seeing this first real trailer, we’re starting to believe.

Many of the familiar elements of the Dredd comic and previous film are here, including the stoic Judge Dredd who takes matters into his own hands. But this time things seem a bit more on the serious side and for some reason we find Karl Urban far more credible in the role than that guy who did it previously.

As is often the case, though, a trailer doesn’t really tell the whole story and the proof is in the actual film. Based on this trailer, though, we’re willing to give this one a chance.

Check out the trailer after the jump and see for yourself. Look for Dredd in theaters on September 21.