Check It Out: 'The Last of Us' Trailer Remade With 'Little Big Planet 2'

Check It Out: ‘The Last of Us’ Trailer Remade With ‘Little Big Planet 2’

The Last of Us is one of the most anticipated games set to release in the next 12 months. From the creators of the Uncharted series, this new IP promises an epic story centered around a post-apocalyptic world, told in a cinematic and engrossing way.

Some crafty fans out there have marshalled that anticipation and turned it into a piece of internet gold. Using the still shockingly endless sandbox that is Little Big Planet 2, YouTuber theclassicevil  has crafted a recreation of the most recent The Last of Us trailer.

As a self professed Sony fanboy, this Sony on Sony IP love fest really does things for me. However, the creativity, and general hilarity, of this video has some heavy cross over appeal. Using Little Big Planet 2 in such a creative way illustrates a key point Sony proponents like to make.

The Playstation 3 era is being defined by its boundary pushing approach to tent pole IPs. Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers both emphasis creativity and community in their multiplayer experience.  Something that has never really existed on a console before. And on the other end of the spectrum is the games by Naughty Dog, the developer of The Last of Us, that showcase immersive entertainment experiences that give you all the best parts of playing a game, watching a movie and reading a novel all in one package.

Check out the trailer recreation after the jump.

My favorite part has got to be the expression on Sack Ellie’s face when she is looking out the window… pure comic gold!