An Avenger Is Set To Guest Star Next Season On 'Doctor Who'

An Avenger Is Set To Guest Star Next Season On ‘Doctor Who’

Next season Doctor Who is going to feature the passing of the guard to a new companion, set the stage for the 50th anniversary year and now, play host to an Avenger. Which Avenger you might ponder? You know, the sexy one who has a penchant for wearing skin-tight jumpsuits and can kick your ass… Emma Peel!

The famed female lead of the classic British TV series The Avengers has just been announced by the BBC to be taking on a role in the second half of series 7:

Mother and daughter Dame Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling are set to star side by side in the BBC Wales drama Doctor Who, the first time the pair have ever worked together on screen. Character details remain under wraps, but the episode penned by Mark Gatiss will see Dame Diana and Rachael recreate their off-screen relationship on-screen, as they play a mother and daughter with a dark secret.

This guest casting is just another intriguing notch to an upcoming season that is shaping up to be an interesting one. The Matt Smith era has been as much the Matt/Karen/Arthur era as anything else, it will be interesting to finally see Smith play his variation of the Doctor with some one new helping him on his adventures.

Doctor Who is set to return in the fall, and be sure to follow The Flickcast in the coming weeks as The Doctor will have a presence at Comic-Con again this year and will likely bring news and a new trailer with him.