Google Updates Google+ App, Includes Full iPad Support

Google Updates Google+ App, Includes Full iPad Support

Even though some may have decided Google+ is a vast waseland with nothing to offer, I disagree. In fact, I often find more interesting discussion on G+ than I do on Facebook or Twitter.

Not to say that my friends on Facebook or Twitter don’t have anything interesting to say, they do and often. It’s just that Google+ users tend to go more in depth on subjects and I’ve particularly liked the level of interaction you can have with people there.

But up until now, one thing has been missing: Google+ on the iPad. Fortunately, that’s a problem no more as Google has today released an updated version of the G+ app for iOS which includes full iPad support. It’s pretty much the same as what you get on Android and looks great when combined with the iPad’s retina display.

The Google+ update is available via the iTunes App Store now. Go get it.

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