Our First Shot of Q in the New Bond Film 'Skyfall'

Our First Shot of Q in the New Bond Film ‘Skyfall’

One of the cornerstone elements of James Bond that has been absent in the Daniel Craig films has been the master of the gadgets, Q. Holding him back was likely to help make the films a little more serious, and in honesty it worked.

For the third new era Bond fans are expecting the franchise to start taking steps into the larger and more iconic sandbox that is James Bond. Especially considering that the film is being released in the 50th anniversary year.

The studio seems keen to deliver what the fans want as they have indeed put Q in the new film, and EW.com has just snagged the first official image of Ben Whishaw in character.

A younger, ‘nerd-chic’ version of Q might not sound like the right direction on paper, but looking at Whishaw in this image evokes all the right feelings in this Bond fan. Even if his wardrobe looks a tad like it was put together as a hipsters greatest hits outfit.

You can expect more tidbits and news on Skyfall in the coming days, as it is ‘geeks inherit the earth’ week down in San Diego. Stay tuned to The Flickcast for news from the show.

You can see the full-sized image after the jump.

One interesting aspect of Q that is going to have to be tweaked with the casting of Whishsaw is his relationship with Bond himself. With Q an older, fatherly symbol Bond’s playful mischievousness comes across playful, but with a dash of respect.

With a seemingly younger Q that gets sort of turned on its head and we might see more of an antagonistic back and forth with shades of jealousy, lack of respect and general annoyance. At any rate it will be fun to see what direction they take the character in.