SDCC 2012: Marvel's Booth Puts You In Iron Man's Closet

SDCC 2012: Marvel’s Booth Puts You In Iron Man’s Closet

One of the coolest things about Comic-Con is the booths. For one, they are increasingly elaborate displays dedicated to the biggest in pop culture franchises. They often display life-size or actual props from these films, and they have babes, really what’s not to love?

The year Marvel is pulling no punches at their booth, with this epic display showcasing Iron Man’s hall of armor. We caught a glimpse of this in the first released image of Iron Man 3 a few weeks ago. Now all you lucky folks heading to San Diego this weekend have the opportunity to see this monument to awesome first hand.

Marvel is riding a huge wave of success with their cinematic adventures these days, and before the high of The Avengers has had a chance to ware off they roll out more things to wow us. This reminds me of the five or six-year run PIXAR had last decade where they had three films in production at any given time and they were all legit classics.

You can check out a larger image of the display after the jump, and keep your eyes peeled on The Flickcast for any and all cool news bits to come out of the Con.

Warner Bros. have got some serious work to do if they want to compete with the Marvel movie-verse in the near future. With the Dark Knight ending its trilogy, and nothing really exciting in the pipeline to match wits with ‘Phase 2’ WB might have to struggle to keep its characters in cinematic relevance.