The New 'Hannibal' TV Show Is Keeping Mads Mikkelsen Out of 'Thor 2'

The New ‘Hannibal’ TV Show Is Keeping Mads Mikkelsen Out of ‘Thor 2’

It seems the filming of the Hannibal pilot has devoured the time of at least two of the principle people involved. We already told you that David Slade is dropping out of the Daredevil reboot, in part to direct the pilot.

Now it seems that one of the new series’ stars is having to back out of yet another Marvel movie project. Mads Mikkelsen, who plays the titular cannibal in the new series, was all set to take on a villain role in Thor 2, but now has to back out due to conflicting schedules.

This is a real shame, because Mikkelsen has the right qualities for a foe of the God of Thunder. It was rumored that he was actually going to play The Executioner, who is basically a minion for the Enchantress, which means we might not get some one as good as Mads to fill his shoes.

The Hannibal series must really be exciting if it is winning out over Marvel projects these days, especially for a character actor like Mikkelsen who could have potentially been apart the Avengers movie-verse.

Then again it is not altogether surprising, Marvel is developing a reputation of low-balling a lot of the actors in these films. And while the exposure and potential future opportunities a movie like Thor 2 would provide, the guaranteed money and work of a TV series is tough to turn down.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.