Apple's Next Version of Mac OS X 'Mountain Lion' Reportedly To Drop July 25

Apple’s Next Version of Mac OS X ‘Mountain Lion’ Reportedly To Drop July 25

Now that the hype over Comic-Con is ending we can turn our attentions to other things we also love as much as movies, TV and comics: gadgets and tech. This time around, for you Mac users in the audience, we’re getting word from various sources that the next version of Apple’s OS X (aka Mountain Lion) is going to launch as soon as July 25.

On of the main sources for the this news are the folks over at 9 to 5 Mac who’ve heard that Apple Stores both in the United States and overseas are planning overnights for Tuesday, July 24th. They speculate that with Apple promising Mountain Lion “in July”, it makes sense that said overnights would lead to a launch of the OS on the following day.

We think this is pretty sound speculation too and follows many of Apple’s previously established release patterns for these types of updates. Plus, the Gold Master of Mountain Lion has already been released to developers (we’re running it on some of our Macs in fact), so that means the software is ready to go.

Mountain Lion is a great upgrade and offers a bunch of new features sure to please long time Mac users as well as newcomers. We hope Apple decides to let it into the wild soon.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be a $19.99 upgrade for all users. For more on Mountain Lion, check out Apple’s website.