Box Office Report: 'Ice Age' Takes Advantage Of The Quiet Before 'The Dark Knight' Storm

Box Office Report: ‘Ice Age’ Takes Advantage Of The Quiet Before ‘The Dark Knight’ Storm

Remember the big splash The Avengers made at the box office all those weeks ago? Remember how it seemed like the biggest most ridiculous opening ever? Well prepare for some deja vu next weekend.

In advance of the release of The Dark Knight Rises, only the fourth Ice Age ventured as a new release this weekend. Headlining a rather stale weekend as movie goers brace for another massive release.

Ice Age: Continental Drift raked in a solid $46 Million in its opening weekend. The number is neither impressive or disappointing, it just sort if is. These sorts of sequels make money based on the current franchise good will, and apparently Ice Age is holding steady.

Swinging into second place is The Amazing Spider-Man with an estimated $35 Million. It is really hard to label that number a disappointment, but given how much money the previous films made this reboot is lagging behind.

Still you have to chalk this up as a win for Sony despite the knee jerk comparison reaction. The reboot so close off the heels of a successful trilogy is still making a ton of money. Especially compared to other comic book movies not starring the web-slinger.

The third place taker this weekend was Ted, which is having a really great run for an R-rated comedy. Dropping only a bit over 31% in its third weekend for a $22+ Million take. The comedy should be in line to top $200 Million, which is a huge take for a raunchy Teddy Bear tale.

The over all weekend was a little weak, but that is to be expected. The box office acts kind of like the ocean when giant releases loom. The general box office goes quiet the weekend before something big happens, and The Dark Knight Rises is something very big.

The weekend before The Avengers came out I predicted it would be the first film ever to crack the $200 Million in a weekend barrier. So I feel duty bound to flex my prognostication muscles and try to peg The Dark Knight Rises score.

So here it goes. The Dark Knight Rises will capture $182  Million next weekend. A number that is huge, but not quite as record-breaking as The Avengers. Although the one record it could get is total tickets sold, which it could hit without breaking The Avengers’ total due to the lack of 3D ticket sales for Batman.

 Total Weekend Box Office:

1 Ice Age: Continental Drift $46,000,000
2 The Amazing Spider-Man $35,000,000
3 Ted $22,147,000
4 Brave $10,695,000
5 Magic Mike $9,030,000
6 Savages (2012) $8,735,000
7 Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $5,600,000
8 Katy Perry: Part of Me $3,735,000
9 Moonrise Kingdom $3,662,000
10 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $3,500,000