Check This Out: Thomas Jane Returns as 'The Punisher'

Check This Out: Thomas Jane Returns as ‘The Punisher’

As is the case in Hollywod, remakes, reboots and whatnot are always in style. We’re experiencing that right now with the new Spider-Man movie, a reboot of a Spider-Man movie released only ten years ago which spun two sequels.

Another, perhaps somewhat less well-known reboot was The Punisher, which was brought to life by actor Thomas Jane in a 2004 movie and featured John Travolta as the bad guy. That movie was rebooted only a few years later starring the equally awesome Ray Stevenson. Let’s just try to forget the Dolph Lundgren version, shall we?

Since his time as The Punisher, Jane has always maintained he would love to return as the character in a new movie. Trouble is, nobody seems to want to make a movie with him as The Punisher. So, undaunted, he decided to make one himself.

You have to admire the man’s dedication to a role. Check out Thomas Jane as The Punisher after the break.