'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Adds A Nice Set Of Wings To It's Cast

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Adds A Nice Set Of Wings To It’s Cast

While Bucky was and will always be considered the quintessential Captain America sidekick, for the better part of the last half century Cap fought crime with another. Falcon often joined forces with Cap since his return to Marvel comics in the ’60s, and now he is joining him on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter has found out that The Falcon likely has been cast for the next Captain America film:

Anthony Mackie is in negotiations to star alongside Chris Evans in the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger… While Marvel would not comment nor divulge character details, it is believed that Mackie will portray the Falcon, one of mainstream comics’ first black superheroes and perhaps its first American one.

Mackie is a great choice for the role, and could likely bring a great new presence to the Captain America sequel that is seemingly going down a rather dark past.

The Winter Solider story line goes in some kind of darker places, especially compared to the last two films we have seen Cap in, so an actor like Mackie in a strong supporting role could really help balance the mood.

Of course this only leads to yet another side hero, like War Machine, who is clamoring in the wings to get in on the Avengers action. Stay tuned to The Flickcast for more Cap 2 details as the film gears up its pre-production for an April, 2014 release.