Mastodon Johnny Depp joins Forces With Wes Anderson For The Quirkiest Movie Ever

Johnny Depp joins Forces With Wes Anderson For The Quirkiest Movie Ever

Wes Anderson is a fantastic filmmaker. He has a such a flare for visuals, and a knack for beautiful symmetry that is unparalleled among working directors today. However, since his style has a very distinct look and feel, he is usually on the fringes of the mainstream.

That was until the master of indy quirk joined forces with the master of main stream quirk for his next film. Deadline is reporting that Anderson just landed a very notable new star:

Johnny Depp will star in The Grand Budapest Hotel, the next film that Wes Anderson wrote and will direct. Anderson is going right back into business with his collaborators on Moonrise Kingdom, which is heading toward a $40 million gross to be among this summer’s art house hits. 

It seems a rather obvious choice really, and one that is sure to excite hipsters and Depp-ites the world over. As for the rest of us it is exciting to see Anderson get some possible main stream traction, and for Depp to fall back from the blockbusters into a more interesting role.

It is not often Hollywood provides you with a win-win scenario for the filmmakers and the audience, but that seems to be what we have here.

Stay tuned to The Flickcast for the inevitable announcement of four more Pirates films to offset this arty choice for Depp.

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