Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Theme Parks Adds Two New Scary Franchises To Their Line-Up

If you have never had a chance to experience Halloween Horror Nights at either of the Universal Theme Parks, you are missing out. No theme park fully embraces a holiday quite like Universal.

They take their normal park and transform it into a series of haunted houses and amusements all set to different themes and franchises. While the are not always scary, the production values are always of the highest order. You also have to traverse through the park knowing at any time people with chainsaws could be jumping up behind you at any time.

Good clean fun.

This year Universal is adding two new franchises to their stable of haunted houses, Silent Hill and The Walking Dead. The Silent Hill attraction, announced at comic-con, is the first to be based on a video game. The haunted house will most likely take it’s cues from the iconic imagery of the early games and the upcoming movie.

The Walking Dead attraction was just made official today. While zombies are nothing new to the Halloween Horror Nights experience, The Walking Dead as a franchise offers a very specific escape and survive experience that will be fun to re-live if they can pull it off.

Check out a preview teaser of The Walking Dead attraction after the jump and try to find your self at a Universal Park this fall for some spooky fun.

Hopefully the confined nature of a haunted house won’t limit the scope of the experience, scale is often the scariest part of a Zombie experience.

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