Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' Gets a Handsome New One-Sheet

Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ Gets a Handsome New One-Sheet

I am not a PTA fan, so much so that I feel the need to state that at the top of this news item about the new one-sheet for his latest movie, The Master. I feel it is important for you to understand that context when I tell you how much I really love this poster.

The modern movie poster is a very specific beast. There is a pattern that these designers seem to fall into that can come across as lazy or uninspired. So when some one breaks the mold and delivers a legitimately interesting one sheet, you take notice.

This is not the first time PTA has inspired a rather brilliant poster, There Will Be Blood also had a pretty stellar one sheet design that was both classic and fresh all at once. And again, this is coming from the guy grumpy dude he thinks PTA is just a poor man’s Robert Altman, so I hope you can sense the real appreciation I am heaping on over here.

You can check out the full poster after the jump, and The Master when it hits cinema’s this fall.

What gets me most about this poster is the simplicity of it. It isn’t afraid to have a concept and not clutter the empty parts of the image with big ole names, miscellaneous pictures or the dreaded floating heads. Kudos poster people.