Check It Out: A Handsome And Well Made 'Y: The Last Man' Fan Film

Check It Out: A Handsome And Well Made ‘Y: The Last Man’ Fan Film

Y: The Last Man is one of the great comic book stories of the early 21st century. It details the adventures of Yorick Brown, the last man in a world where all of the males in every species were wiped out all in one terrifying moment.

What made Brian K. Vaughan’s masterwork so good was his characters. The women in this post-man world were complex, well-rounded and often expertly crafted. Everyone had a motivation and they all felt natural for this hyper-real situation they found themselves.

The story has been floating around Hollywood for quite some time, but can never seem to find the proper traction to move forward. So leave it to the internet to fill a void while the studios twiddle their thumbs.

Y: The Last Man Rising is a fan made film that sets up, loosely, the world of Y. It acts almost as a pilot, setting up several aspects of the larger story as opposed to telling a single Y tale. The production is rather impressive for a fan project, and most of the cast seems to channel their characters extremely well.

Check out the full fan film after the jump.

One thing this fan film does accomplish is proving the fact that this tale really needs to be told in the long form. In the limited time this fan film has to set up the world we miss out on a lot of action that is supposed to set up a lot of the drama and mystery of the whole series.

Of course this is not a knock on this particular fan film, for what it is you can forgive  paring down of the unnecessary bits to tell a 20 minute story. But if this were the starting off point of a feature that attempted to tell the whole story in 2+ hours, it would have been a serious issue.

At the very least the movie needs to be several movies, but in a perfect world Y would get The Walking Dead/Game of Thrones treatment. There is easily 5 solid seasons worth of story telling that could come alive with the proper room to breath.

In any event, we have this one, well made, fan film to tease us with a world many would like to see realized in live action. Enjoy the full 20 minute film below.