New Apple ‘Siri’ Commercial Featuring Director Martin Scorsese

Even if you’re not a fan of Apple or its products, you have to admit the company does make some interesting commercials and also tends to get top talent both in front of and behind the camera for them. The latest example of this is the company’s new add for Siri, the iPhone 4S’ “intelligent personal assistant” featuring director Martin Scorsese.

In the new spot, the director of Hugo, Goodfellas and Taxi Driver sits in a New York City cab, ordering Siri to rearrange meetings, locate a friend named Rick, and call up real-time traffic reports — a hint to a new feature of Apple’s upcoming iOS 6.

“I like you, Siri,” Scorsese says. “You’re going places.”

She is indeed. Check out the new spot after the break.

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