Leaked Video Supposedly Shows Bigger, Harder iPhone 5 Screen

As we get closer to the supposed announcement and release of Apple’s next version of the iPhone, more and more details and, of course, videos are starting to leak out. Today brings a new one which supposedly compares the front glass of the upcoming iPhone to the previous generation iPhone 4S.

According to various reports, the sixth-generation iPhone it will be taller, faster, have 4G LTE and feature 1GB of RAM. It will also have a larger 4-inch display according and it will be thinner.

As seen in the new video, the new front panel for Apple’s next iPhone is 10% thinner than the iPhone 4S’s panel, and yet it still manages to resist scratches. Looks great. Let’s hope the rumors are tru and this device knocks everyone’s socks off.

The next iPhone will reportedly be announced during an Apple event on September 12th and it is expected to be available on the 21st. Check out the video after the break.

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