First Two Episodes of Bryan Singer's Series 'H+' Now Online

First Two Episodes of Bryan Singer’s Series ‘H+’ Now Online

To be honest, I haven’t always thought much of “digital” series. In many cases they just can’t seem to hold up against more traditional TV fare. Of course, there’s many reasons for that and I don’t really hold it against them. However, as skeptical as I might be, things seem about to change now that Bryan Singer’s new digital series H+ has arrived.

The series tells the story of a computer virus that invades the global network and starts to wreak havoc on both the network and people connected to it. In other words, all hell breaks loose as we all loose connectivity . . . or worse.

The first two episodes are now up over at YouTube with new ones coming out every Wednesday. To help you check it out now, we’ve got the first one after the break. That way, all you have to do its click once. No need to thank us.

Could this be the future of entertainment? Maybe. I will say that after watching the first two episodes, I want to see more. So there’s that.

Oh, one small gripe. Can we just call it H+ or H Plus and drop “The digital series”? That just sounds dumb, especially as most network series are shot digitally these days. Thanks.

Check it out after the break and let us know what you think.