Take A Peek Inside The Set Of 'Puppet Master X: Axis Rising'

Take A Peek Inside The Set Of ‘Puppet Master X: Axis Rising’

Do you remember those Puppet Master movies? Those awesome B-flicks that involved iconic little puppets like Blade during various gory adventures, some times through time itself. They were made by Full Moon Features who are carrying a touch for low budgets horror cinema in much the same way Rodger Corman did decades ago.

The go-getters over at Evil Puppets, one of the last bastions of puppet-based cinema appreciation in the world, recently was invited to the set of the tenth Puppet Master film where they were able to see first hand some awesome horror puppetry action:

Alright fans of evil puppets and ankle biting demons from beyond, lend us your eyes!  Full Moon Features was kind enough to invite Anthony Sant’Anselmo, founder of ‘Evil Puppets’ to capture exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage on the now in-production ‘Axis Rising: Puppet Master X’! … Say what you will about some of the films Full Moon has put out, but you cannot deny the endless well of creativity and originality that [Charles] Band’s companies has encompassed over the years

Check out a full gallery of rather snazzy set pictures after the jump.

Nothing like evil puppets, Nazi soldiers and a sword wielding Japanese maiden to warm a guy up to a film. The most interesting aspect of these set shots is seeing these screen ready puppets close up. Usually by the time you see these guys a level of post has been done to give the illusion of life.

Also if you notice in the picture with the Nazi Flag you can catch a glimpse of one of the new puppets from the film, Kamikaze.

Full Moon, and this franchise specifically, continues to delight horror fans with its unique brand of low-budget horror fun.  The film is expected to have its premiere at this fall’s Comickaze convention in Los Angeles and should be hitting some form of distribution shortly there after.

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