First 'Red Dawn' Reboot Trailer with Chris Hemsworth Arrives

First ‘Red Dawn’ Reboot Trailer with Chris Hemsworth Arrives

Yesterday, if you can remember that far back, we brought you the first poster for the reboot of the 1984 action cult classic Red Dawn. And now, as promised, there’s a new trailer today and we, of course, have it for you.

In it we get a good look at all the action, drama and even a little sexual tension that goes into your average angry hordes invade the Pacific Northwest and teenagers have to defend America movie. Gotta say, it doesn’t look horrible.

Sure, we still have a soft spot for the original and, if we’re being really critical, we know the original movie was such a product of its time it probably won’t translate to modern audiences and that Chris Hemsworth is really 29, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this new movie just looks entertaining. And sometimes that’s all you can expect from a movie.

We don’t always need them to be masterpieces, just check-your-brain-at-the-door entertainment. Mission accomplished it seems.

Judge for yourself and check out the trailer after the break. Red Dawn hits theaters this Thanksgiving.