New Bookstore In New York Is On a Mission to Save Classic Sci-Fi Books

New Bookstore In New York Is On a Mission to Save Classic Sci-Fi Books

You may be wondering why we would publish a story about a bookstore opening in New York. Well, that’s a fair question. The reasons are varied, but the most important ones are that this bookstore is selling Sci-Fi books exclusively, which we love, and, more importantly, is trying to save older, out of print books from disappearing forever.

We think that’s worth a mention.

According to an excellent article over at The Verge, the bookstore in question, located in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood and called Singularity & Co., opened its doors recently with the intention of bringing new and classic sci-fi novels to anyone who wants to read them.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign to find forgotten, out of print sci-fi books, digitize them, and sell them as e-books has grown into a full brick and mortar store. They still offer the eBooks, which you can subscribe to here, but now seek out rare and classic sci-fi books still in print to sell at the store.

In addition, founder Ash Kalb is also hoping to reprint some of the older, out of print books and pay actual royalties to the original writers. He’s working on the details right now and negotiating with publishers to get this going. We think that’s pretty cool too.

So, if you love Sci-Fi and love books, you should be clicking on the link and supporting this good cause. For more, check out the Singulairy & Co. video after the break.