New Launch Trailer for 'Transformers: Fall for Cybertron' Arrives

New Launch Trailer for ‘Transformers: Fall for Cybertron’ Arrives

Say what you will about the Transformers movies (and we have), the game tie-ins are actually pretty fun. The first game was a big success and because of that, Activision a new game sequel called Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and it’s about to drop.

With the game coming out tomorrow, a new release trailer has arrived. In it we can see pretty much all the action and drama that’s sure to come from this, so far, impressive-looking game. Expect a full review shortly.

In case you’ve forgotten, or never knew, the new game “allows players to experience the darkest hours of the war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS as they vie for control of their dying home world.” In the game, players will be able to “fight through both sides of the Transformers’ most epic battles that culminate in their legendary exodus from Cybertron.”

In addition, players in the game “will embark on an action-packed journey through massive, war-torn environments designed around each character’s unique abilities and alternate forms, including GRIMLOCK’s nearly indestructible T-Rex form and the legendary COMBATICONS combining into the colossal BRUTICUS.”

Look for Transformers: Fall of Cyberton to arrive in stores tomorrow! Check out the video after the break.