New Trailer for Brian De Palma's 'Passion' Arrives

New Trailer for Brian De Palma’s ‘Passion’ Arrives

Let’s face it, director Brian De Palma hasn’t made a really good movie since Carlito’s Way. And no, Mission: Impossible doesn’t count. His movies are never boring or conventional, however, but he sorta seems to be unable to do consistently good work.

Fortunately, he keeps getting chances to prove he’s still got it. He’s got a new thriller coming out soon called Passion and the Toronto International Film Festival has today posted a trailer for it.

Passion stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. It is also written by De Palma and based on the 2011 French movie Love Crime directed by Alain Corneau.

We’ll give you a couple guesses as to what the movie is about. Or, you can just watch the trailer. That works too.