Alternate Opening Scene From 'The Avengers' Hits The 'Net

Alternate Opening Scene From ‘The Avengers’ Hits The ‘Net

The Avengers is a phenomenal movie, there is not a whole lot more hyperbole we can throw onto the film at this point. So as the Blu-Ray release approaches we must find another angle in these news items. Thankfully a recently released alternate opening has been released over on Yahoo! for us all to marvel at.

I say we are thankful because this alternate opening provides us with something  substantial to say about the film that has already had so much said about it. The alternate opening is actually not all that good, or more precisely not as good of a way to start the film. Compared to the ‘jump right in’ action of the eventual opening, this concept takes a ‘teasing look forward at the end’ approach.

So with out heaping even more praise on the final film, we are now able to appropriately shower Joss Whedon and his editorial staff for making the right cinematic decision. Other than to pat the filmmakers on the back for a cut well done there is not much else in this minute and a half clip that feels all that important.

We know there is a ton of deleted content that would have made it to the film if an over three-hour Avengers film was feasible, but this scene is not a part of that promised quality content, which is ultimately why it was released in advance of the Blu-Ray.  To give us a tease of what is to come when we all pick up our copies September 25th.

So take a look at the alternate opening after the jump, and keep your eyes peeled to The Flickcast as this release creeps closer.