Telltale Games Might Not Be Done With 'Back To The Future' Games

Telltale Games Might Not Be Done With ‘Back To The Future’ Games

The Telltale Back to the Future adventure game was a lot of fun. Working as a sequel to the film trilogy, it clearly wore it’s love and respect for the original trilogy on its sleeve, even going so far as to getting Christopher Llyod to play the Doc and original Jennifer, Claudia Wells, back as Marty’s flame.

While the episodes might not have been the greatest work from Telltale, any fan of the series had a lot to love in the monthly installments. Despite its success, after the ‘season’ ended we didn’t hear much in regards to a new set, prompting people to believe that maybe Tell Tale was done playing in that universe.

Thankfully Christopher Llyod let slip some info at FanExpo in Canada that suggests otherwise. Talking at a panel, Llyod told the crowd that he will once again be voicing Doc Brown in a new set of episodes from Telltale. Of course the game is still unannounced so we wont be able to get any info from Tell Tale, but you can lend the statement some credit because Llyod would certainly be in the know.

As for confirmation and release details, those are still a ways off, so stay tuned to The Flickcast where will keep you up to date on this potential new game.