Catch Up With the Ponds Before The Season Premiere Of 'Doctor Who' This Weekend

Catch Up With the Ponds Before The Season Premiere Of ‘Doctor Who’ This Weekend

It will come as no surprise to those who read us with regularity that this is a very pro Doctor Who site. The big season seven premiere is this weekend and there is more than a little bit of who mania around these parts in anticipation. Thankfully the BBC has delivered unto us a little morsel in the last few hours of waiting.

All this week BBC has debuted a daily, short mini-episode online. Pond Life, as the mini-mini-series has been dubbed, is all about what the Ponds are up to in the five months leading up to the September 1st premiere. Each episode provides only the slightest of glimpses of our favorite characters doing what they do, but it is enough to make us excited about them all over again.

It is also important to note that today’s episode, which is the last of the bunch, actually seems to bring with it some rather important information about where our characters are at when the season begins. All told the roughly six minutes total of the five shorts provide a rather meaningful prologue to the next season, so anyone who is on the Who bandwagon really should check these out.

You can check out the first part of Pond Life after the jump, and be sure to head over to BBC’s YouTube channel for the rest of the series.

By the way, how awesome is it that the Ood keep popping up in Doctor Who these days, those guys are great.