And Now For Something Completely Different... A Trailer For The Animated Film 'A Liar's Autobiography'

And Now For Something Completely Different… A Trailer For The Animated Film ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’

Like for many people who are alive on this earth, the Pythons exist in a place of great regard here at The Flickcast. Their films, TV shows and live performances are the stuff of comedy legend, and even after the team broke up all of the troupe have gone on to do great things. Well all except that lazy bum Graham Chapman.

Finally, it seems, Chapman has decided to dust himself off and get his act together, starring in an animated version of his autobiographical-ish autobiography, A Liar’s Autobiography. Which brings together most of the Python’s to provide voices for the colorful people who probably littered Graham’s life.

Eric Idle, who apparently also has a fear of zombies, does not seem to play a part in this forthcoming animated opus. However, he wrote the afterward for the novelization of this movie back in 1991, so he gets a pass.

You can take a good long look at the trailer for the film that dares to combine fourteen animation studios and up to five Pythons, the number changes depending on how you count the deceased, after the jump.

On a more serious note, the film uses original readings from Chapman he recorded for the audio book before he passed away, which makes this film a must see for all Python fan’s the world over.