iPhone 5 Pre-Orders to Reportedly Start on Friday the 14th

That’s right folks, it’s almost iPhone 5 time! After months (years?) of speculation, rumor and more, tomorrow Apple will officially unveil the next generation of its famous iPhone lineup.

We’re still not sure if it will actually be called iPhone 5 (our guess is it will just be ‘iPhone’, much like the latest iPad dropped its number) but still, exciting times are upon us. One bummer though regarding tomorrow’s announcement, it’s reported that although the new hotness will be unveiled in all its glory tomorrow, you won’t actually be able to pre-order it until Friday the 14th.

The reason for the wait? Nobody really knows (except Apple, of course) but we can speculate that Apple wants to keep building anticipation for the device and also give partners and its retail stores a few extra days to get ready for the big ordering frenzy that’s sure to come.

A couple more days really isn’t all that bad, is it? After all, you’ve waited this long. So, who’s gonna pre-order as soon as they can?

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