Riot Breaks Out at Foxconn Plant, Dozens Injured

Riot Breaks Out at Foxconn Plant, Dozens Injured

It seems the people who actually make parts for many of our shiny toys (like the iPhone 5) are up in arms again. This time, they decided to riot and, of course, there’s video. Approximately 40 people were injured and 20 were arrested and so far nobody is really sure (or they aren’t saying) what caused the riot.

Preliminary reports suggested the incident began after a security guard struck a worker during anti-Japan protests. The plant, which manufactures magnesium alloy components and LED lighting products, has been closed following the incident.

Other reports say as many as 2,000 workers were involved and according to Foxconn the incident was triggered by “a fight among workers from different production lines,” but the company noted it is “still investigating the cause of the fight and the number of people involved.”

I wonder if we’ll ever know what really happened? Our guess is probably not. Check out the video after the break.

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