Indie Spotlight: 'Patient Zero'

Indie Spotlight: ‘Patient Zero’

With all the big budget Hollywood movies coming out each week it’s also nice to pay a bit of attention to the little guy (or girl). Indie filmmakers of today often do it with talent, style and innovation. Plus, they are potentially tomorrow’s big budget directors.

Just look at someone like Gareth Edwards. He made a little indie movie called Monsters and now he’s directing the big budget studio reboot of Godzilla. See, it can happen.

This time around we turn the Indie Spotlight on Brian T. Jaynes Patient Zero. The zombie apocalypse horror movie has it’s world premiere next week at Splatterfest. Until then, here’s a bit of synopsis to help pique your interest.

The highly anticipated prequel to director Brian T. Jaynes hit feature, “Humans Vs. Zombies” shows the genesis of “the beginning of the end,” and how genetic experimentation lead to the creation of Patient Zero, the first infectious zombie.

Check out the trailer for Patient Zero after the break. If you can’t make the screening in Huston, don’t worry. The movie hits DVD, etc. on September 25th.