Adele's Title Track To James Bond's 23rd Adventure, 'Skyfall', Is Unleashed

Adele’s Title Track To James Bond’s 23rd Adventure, ‘Skyfall’, Is Unleashed

Perhaps more than the Aston Martin, the Walther PPK or the martini’s, the signature Bond title tune is among the most important aspects of any 007 film. There have been some classic songs, some alright diddys and some downright duds over the years, so does Adele have what it take to deliver on Skyfall‘s titular ballad?

Well thankfully that is a question we do not have to wait for the release of Skyfall next month to answer. The song has been officially unleashed to the internet and it is with great relief we can report that it is actually pretty damn good. The last film, Quantum of Solace, had a title song that most people were not a big fan of, so the bounce back in quality for Skyfall is especially noticeable.

Unlike previous major pop star attempts at Bond themes, Adele manages to find the classic groove of the series roots without making the song all about her. As opposed to Madonna’s Die Another Day or the aforementioned Another Way To Die, which just seemed like advertisements for the artists and not a viable addition to the tapestry that was those particular films.

You can checkout Adele’s Skyfall after the jump.

The most interesting thing about this song is how much it feels like a classic Shirley Bassey song, the songstress who made Bond title tracks famous nearly half a century ago. Frequent Bond composer David Arnold has been trying to bring her back for one more go on the franchise she left such a mark on. Hopefully with Adele’s song so well received, producers will reconsider their stance when Arnold returns for Bond 24.