New 'Skyfall' Trailer Features That Fantastic New Adele Theme Song

New ‘Skyfall’ Trailer Features That Fantastic New Adele Theme Song

Last week, to celebrate the actual 50th Birthday of the cinematic James Bond, Adele’s new theme song for Skyfall was officially released. The song was incredibly well received, mostly because the song is damn near perfect, but unless you watched some hastily edited fan edits you had to imagine what this theme would sound like over top of some real Bond action.

Thankfully there is someone really smart behind the marketing of Skyfall, as a new trailer just hit featuring the soon to be iconic new tune prominently. Somehow the already phenomenal song feels even better when you see Bond do his various Bond-y things, particularly that last beat of the trailer.

The anticipation for the third Daniel Craig Bond film is reaching it’s boiling point. At this point everyone seems to have let the bitter memory of Quantum of Solace wash away from their memories and are allowing all of the goodwill this movie is putting out drive their excitement.

This has been a banner anniversary year for Bond, and after some shaky years with a writer’s strike hindered Quantum and the bankruptcy scare of MGM, it is a welcome revival of the spy who loves us all. Except probably cold war era Russians, but everyone else for sure.

Check out the new trailer after the jump and stay tuned to The Flickcast for any last-minute news as Skyfall approaches.

I have listened to this title track 42 times already, I am not sure if watching this trailer counts towards that final total, because if it does I will be well over 100 by the time the movie comes out.