Box Office Report: 'Wreck-It Ralph' Debuts Strong Despite Hurricane Aftermath in the North East

Box Office Report: ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Debuts Strong Despite Hurricane Aftermath in the North East

It was a strong weekend for Wreck-It Ralph as the Disney animated feature brought in half a million during its opening frame. However, before we get to that some house cleaning from last week.

We missed out on an opportunity to celebrate Argo‘s rise to the number one spot last weekend. Ben Affleck’s film had a solid debut, but it was on the low-end of expectations. In the weeks following, Argo has been holding incredibly well for a movie that is playing on so many screens. Culminating in finally taking the top spot last weekend in an otherwise weak weekend.

How did it do this weekend? Well since it wasn’t number one again you will have to wait to find out. The winner this weekend was Wreck-It Ralph, another Disney animated feature that proves there is still some magic left in the mouse house proper. Coming out with nearly $50 Million, Ralph managed one of Disney’s biggest animated openings. Of course even those lofty numbers pale in comparison to the PIXAR average, but from the studios that brought us Home on the Range, this is great business.

Second place went to the also strong performing Flight, which for an R-Rated drama, put up a very impressive $25 Million. The word of mouth has been strong and Denzel has been getting some serious award attention for the role. So the film wont exactly set the box office on fire in the coming weeks, it will do strong business and stick around the top 10 until the thick of award bait season.

We finally get to Argo in third place which had yet another small drop and brought in over $10 Million more. The movie has been getting stellar word of mouth and is now likely to out perform Affleck’s hit The Town, which Argo didn’t seem strong enough to do in its first 10 days or so. The run might be coming to an end soon though, as some semi-direct competition comes out next weekend in the form of a 50-year-old Bond and his supposedly very good new film.

Speaking of next week, aside from Skyfall, select theaters will be getting Lincoln, which for some reason is getting a tiny pre-release in advance of its full release the week after. Skyfall should dominate next weekend, and if its overseas totals so far are going to be any indication it could be a big weekend for the super-spy.