New Trailer for Indie Action Movie 'The Package' Arrives

New Trailer for Indie Action Movie ‘The Package’ Arrives

Even though we often cover big Hollywood movies here, we can’t forget that there’s a large group of people who make smaller movies too. Some of these smaller movies are extremely artistic, deal with difficult subject matter or are otherwise far out of the mainstream in some way.

And others have a lot of guys shooting guns and blowing stuff up. The latest movie from director Jesse V. Johnson, called The Package, is one of those kinds.

It features Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin and tells the story of a “courier for a local crime lord (who) must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters.” Sounds like my kind of movie.

To help you decide if it’s your kind of movie, there’s a new trailer for The Package that dropped recently. Check it out after the break.

Look for The Package to come to DVD, VOD and more early next year.