AMC's 'Hell on Wheels' To Get a Third Season After All

AMC’s ‘Hell on Wheels’ To Get a Third Season After All


While westerns may not be as popular as they once were, some of us around these parts still love them. Yes Chris Ullrich, I’m looking at you.

So today’s news that the AMC series Hell On Wheels is actually getting a third season should make Western fans like our Editor-in-Chief very happy. That’s right, the series, which had previously been given a third season but had said renewal delayed due to the departure of show runner John Shiban (who had been expected to take over the show for the third season after the departure of creators Joe and Tony Gayton) is back on track.

Now that AMC has found a newshow runner, in the persona of John Wirth (late of ABC’s The Cape) the show has the green light again for a third season of ten episodes.

“As we gear up for season three of Hell On Wheels we are pleased to have such an accomplished showrunner as John Wirth join our team,” said Susie Fitzgerald, AMC’s SVP of scripted development and current programming. “With the help of our partners at Entertainment One, Endemol and Nomadic, we look forward to a new season of the poetic and pulpy adventures of Cullen Bohannan and the other characters as they build the railroad across the US.”

Now if they can just find a way to bring back Lily. That would make the boss even happier.