TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Season 2 Episode 10 – 'The Name Game'

TV Recap: ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Season 2 Episode 10 – ‘The Name Game’

American Horror Story Recap S2 E10

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Season 2 Episode 10 – ‘The Name Game’

This episode of American Horror Story: Asylum focuses on Dr. Arden bringing Kit back from the dead. Kit asks the doctor if “they” came, and Arden tells him they did not. It is actually unclear if they showed up or not, but a flashback shows that Grace reappeared, pregnant and very alive. Arden has hidden her away and looksto experiment. Arden wants to perform an emergency C-Section to see what is inside Grace, but the tools fly out his hands, proving that “they” are indeed always watching.

It turns out that the Angel of Death did not appear to the Monsignor to end his life, but rather to warn him that the devil was inside Sister Mary Eunice. The angel tells the Monsignor that his rosary beads will keep the devil from entering his mind.

Sister Mary is in the rec room, where she has purchased an old jukebox to replace the record that Jude broke. Lana meets up with Kit and they discuss the disappearance of Dr Thredson. The doctor shows up and reveals that Sister Mary has hired him, as she believes in his unique form of therapy. Thredson tells Lana that he will not hurt her until well after their child is born and assures Kit he will not turn him over to authorities if he has regular meetings with the doctor.

During a bed check, Sister Mary plants some evidence in Jude’s room and sentences her to electroshock therapy. Mary helps Dr. Arden administer the therapy and gives Jude a much higher dose than recommended. When Jude returns to the rec room, she is loopy and does not recognize anyone or anything.

Monsignor Howard tries to exorcise Sister Mary Eunice but she overpowers him. Sister Mary then seduces the Monsignor. Dr. Arden walks in on the act and is visibly upset.

Lana is trying to help Jude remember who she is and a random scene occurs where Jude is now a lounge singer and the whole rec room performs The Name Game song. This seemed really out of place, and appeared that maybe Jude was hallucinating.

As they are outside feeding the “zombies”, Sister Mary is mocking Dr. Arden for being jealous of what he walked in on. As they arrive for the food, Arden shoots them all and declares the experiment over. Arden puts the gun to his head but is unable to pull the trigger. He is drawn to Sister Mary even though at the same time he doesn’t want to do anything that she commands.

The Monsignor confesses his indiscretion to Jude and apologizes to her for not believing that the devil was in Sister Mary. Jude says that the only way to fix this is to kill Sister Mary.

Dr. Thredson is in Arden’s office looking for some truth serum, when he hears a noise. He finds Grace giving birth.

Sister Mary confronts Monsignor Howard, offering to help him rise up the ranks all the way to the Vatican. The Monsignor will hear none of this and Sister Mary tells him that she knows he wants to kill her. The Monsignor will still not budge and the devil gets angry and threatens to engulf the small remaining bit of Mary’s soul. The devil allows the last bit of Mary to show and, in her current state of weakness, the Monsignor throws her over the ledge of the third floor. The Angel of Death arrives and the purified Sister Mary tells her to take her. The Angel tells Mary she will take both of them, Mary and the devil, and gives her the kiss of death. Dr. Arden informs the Monsignor that he will be cremating Sister Mary since every inch of her has been touched by the devil.

Kit is brought to his meeting with Dr. Thredson. Thredson knows that Kit will not tell him where his taped confession is so he has another plan. He brings Kit into a room with Grace and the newborn baby and tells Kit that the baby is his. Thredson is then frantically looking through a room for the tape but Lana has hidden it. Lana threatens to release the tape if Thredson hurts her, Kit or anyone else at Briarcliff.

Jude speaks with the Mother Superior, rambling on about how she’s going to marry the Monsignor and they are going to live at the Vatican. The one truth that Jude speaks is when she tells the Mother Superior that Lana does not belong at Briarclif, and to find a way to get her out of there.

The episode ends with Dr. Arden preparing Sister Mary for cremation. He turns on the oven and cries over Sister Mary’s body. He then lies on top of her and turns the conveyor belt on, sending both he and Sister Mary into the oven.

While the episode ended with both Dr. Arden and the dead Sister Mary going into the cremation oven, based on how the season has gone, it’s not a sure thing that those two characters are really gone. They did bring back Grace after all. My guess would be that Arden is dead, and the Devil will find its way into someone else. But we’ll just have to wait and see. And hopefully no more dance numbers.

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