Love Classic D&D? This Is For You

Love Classic D&D? This Is For You


Once again, our fearless leader has posted something cool at his own website instead of here at The Flickcast. We’re still not a hundred percent sure why he does it, but that’s not really what’s important.

What is important is the fact that the fine and generous folks at Wizards of the Coast, in conjunction with DriveThruRPG, have launched a website known as Dungeons & Dragons Classics.

What is D&D Classics, you ask? Well, it’s an “online PDF store that features classic content from every issue of D&D, including fan-favorite supplement materials and iconic adventures.” Awesome, right?

This is a great service for those of you, like one or two writers around here we won’t mention, who have “misplaced” your D&D books or who want to get into the game for the first time.

No, they’re not free. But that’s okay, great things seldom are. However, the prices are reasonable, especially if you really want the classic D&D books (and more) in a more manageable format. This might get expensive.