TV Recap: ‘Arrow’ Episode 112 – ‘Vertigo’

TV Recap: ‘Arrow’ Episode 112 – ‘Vertigo’


This episode of Arrow begins with The Hood chasing a drug dealer through a building. When he catches the man, he demands to know the supplier of Vertigo. The dealer tells him that the man is known as The Count.

At Thea’s hearing, her lawyer tells the judge that they have worked out a plea bargain for probation. The judge denies the plea bargain, wanting to make an example of Thea, and the poster child for what can happen if you are caught with Vertigo.

Oliver goes to talk to a Vice officer, and it turns out to be an old female friend from his crazier years, McKenna Hall. She shows him what little information they have on The Count.

In a back room of an old building, The Count confronts the dealer that sold him out to The Hood. He injects the dealer with liquid Vertigo right into his veins, which causes an unbearable sensation of pain. The Count gives him a gun with one bullet in, and the choice to shoot him or kill himself. The man kills himself.

At the urging of Oliver, Laurel talks to her father to try and get him to pull some strings regarding Thea’s case. When he says no, Laurel reminds him how he got her sister out of trouble in the past. He says he will make some calls.

Oliver and Diggle meet with the Russian mob in order to secure a meeting with The Count. To prove to them that he really is an American leader within the Russian mob, they make Oliver kill a man. He seemingly does so, but reveals later to Diggle that the man is just knocked out. Flashbacks are shown to the island where the Asian man who double crossed Oliver used this technique to break him out of captivity and save him.

Sgt Lance was able to arrange a deal for Thea that included community service at Laurel’s office, as well as probation. Thea refuses, telling Oliver that she wants to go to jail to punish Moira for her lying, cheating ways. Oliver reveals to Thea that Moira is not having an affair, and it was in fact their father who was the liar and cheater. Thea apologizes to Moira for her harsh words and actions.

Oliver has his meeting with The Count and buys Vertigo from him under the guise of selling it at his night club. The police raid the sale, and The Count injects Oliver with Vertigo as they are running away. Diggle saves Oliver and brings him back to the hideout.

Oliver brings the Vertigo syringes to Felicity to have them analyzed, using a very unbelievable story about energy drinks to get her to do it. Based on the results, Oliver and Diggle find that it was manufactured in an old juvenile detention center. Oliver goes to confront The Count, even though is still feeling the effects of the Vertigo.

As Oliver is making his way through the building to get to The Count, the police arrive. Oliver catches The Count and injects him with Vertigo right as Sgt Lance and his team arrives. Oliver throws The Count at them so he can escape. Hall collects the syringes as evidence.

Thea agrees to the deal offered by the judge and shows up to work at Laurel’s office. He receives a call from Hall to let him know they caught The Count. Back at the hospital, a nurse tells Sgt Lance that she’s not sure if The Count will ever snap out of this Vertigo frenzy that he is. The Count is taken away strapped to a board shaking and convulsing.

Felicity meets with Oliver to let him know that she has found something. She produces the other copy of the list that Walter found in Moira’s room. She tells Oliver that she’s pretty sure that this list got Walter killed.