TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 105 – ‘The Siege’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 105 – ‘The Siege’

following siege

Paul, Jacob, and Emma are all sleeping in the same bed, as they start to wake up. Paul and Emma both think Jacob is freaking out about what happened the prior night. Jacob is in the bathroom as Emma and Paul cuddle in bed.

Joey sneaks downstairs and calls Claire using the hidden cell phone. He is able to describe the house he is in, but does not know where he is. Paul finds Joey and drags him away.

The FBI is unable to find a definite location on the house, as the phone had a scrambled signal, and sent a virus to their software. Hardy wants to go to Dutchess County anyway, since that is where they thought they were anyway.

Emma talks to Joey, trying to convince him that his dad is not a bad man. She tells him that the police are the bad guys, and they hid Joey away to keep him safe from the police.

Paul tells Megan that she is never going home, and the sooner she can accept that, the better. I find it so odd that they are so confident in their plan, that they are keeping this girl alive just so Jacob can kill her. They should have just killed her in the first place.

Paul wants to know why Jacob is acting so weird. Jacob did not enjoy last night, and reiterates that he is not gay. Paul doesn’t want to define anything. Seems like Paul enjoys this three way relationship, and Jacob just wants Emma. Paul tells Jacob that he needs to kill Megan so that he can earn Paul and Emma’s trust.

Joe’s sometimes attorney Olivia comes to visit him in prison. She has no idea why she is there, and Joe tells her she is going to help him by finding out everything she can about the evidence that the FBI and media has. Based on how she is acting, I would say that Joe has something on her. She isn’t a follower, but he has her somehow.

Olivia holds a press conference, reading an excerpt from The Masque of the Red Death. It is a code, and someone in a basement calls another man, and tells him that it’s time. The FBI knows that this was a code of some sort, and it triggering and event.

Hardy and Weston will go to Dutchess County and try and find the farmhouse that Joey described to them. Parker deputizes Hardy as an agent before he goes.

Paul and Emma are discussing Joey, and what to do with him. They talk about how they are lying to Joey, and of course Joey is at the top of the stairs listening.

Olivia shows up at Claire’s house and tells her she has to talk to her privately. Olivia delivers a message from Joe that if she ever wants to see her son again, she will go to a meeting point at 3pm. Claire makes a lunch date with a friend to get out of the house.

Jacob comes up from the basement, still unable to kill Megan. He says he can’t do it, and leaves the house. Paul goes after him. Jacob is upset about Paul’s “little touches”. Emma discovers that Joey has escaped, and they set off to look for him outside.

Joey is running through the woods, and falls down. A man finds Joey and brings him back to his house. The man’s wife recognizes Joey from the news, and tells him the police are looking for him. Emma arrives and plays it off as a boy that took off on his nanny.

Emma sends Paul to “thank” the couple, as she brings Joey back to the house, having promised Joey he can call his mom. The couple is on the phone with the police when Paul enters the house with a garden hoe.

In the meantime, Hardy, Weston, and the local police have identified Paul from surveillance footage of the store that he kidnapped Megan from. They receive the call from the Sullivan house about having seen the boy, and now know where to focus their efforts.

Back at the house, Emma tells Joey she will go get the phone for him, but instead locks him in his room. Emma hears a noise, and a man comes up the stairs. He tells her that Roderick sent him.

Hardy and a local cop arrive at the Sullivan house to find them dead. They notice a trail going off their backyard, and the cop tells Hardy that the nearest farmhouse is about a half mile through the woods. Hardy charges down the trail, heart pumping louder and louder along the way.

Hardy radios to Weston for backup, and Weston tells them to hold their position. Hardy wants to get closer to the house, and the cop says he will head for the barn.

Paul and Jacob return to the house and Emma introduces them to Hank, who is there to move them out of the house.

Claire is at lunch with a friend, with FBI agents watching her every move. She excuses herself to the ladies’ room, and escapes out a side door. I’m pretty sure every person that these police have detail on get murdered, escape, or kidnapped.

As the cop is heading towards the barn, Hank sees him in the rear view mirror of the car. He confronts the cop in the barn, and overpowers him, shooting him in the stomach. Before he can shoot the cop in the head, Hardy shows up, and pulls his gun on Hank. They both draw, and Hardy shoots and kills Hank. Before help can arrive, the cop dies.

Emma, Paul, and Jacob hear the shots and go outside. Emma passes out guns, and they check the perimeter. Joey realizes he is locked in the room and begins banging things against the door to try and get out.

Olivia visits Joe again and asks her what she has gotten herself into. A flashback is shown of her in her office, and Hank comes in. He has a message from Joe, and pulls out a pair of wire cutters. Back at the jail, Joe tells Olivia she better take some notes, because she is far from done. It is revealed that she is missing two fingers.

Claire gets to the meeting spot and a car pulls up. A man tells her to get in, and she does, the car pulling away.

While Emma, Paul, and Jacob find Hank and the cop dead in the barn, Hardy is breaking into the basement of the house. He finds Megan in the basement and promises to help her. Joey finally breaks out of the room as Hardy enters the first floor. They see each other, and Hardy tells Joey his mom sent him to come pick him up. At this point, Paul shows up and puts a gun to Hardy’s head.

The next episode should be very busy, as they preview a stand off between Emma, Paul, and Jacob and the police, FBI, and SWAT team. With Joey, Megan, and Hardy as hostages, it will be a volatile situation to say the least. Emma keeps telling Hardy if they die, he dies, but I doubt that will happen. Besides the fact that there are 9 or 10 more episodes, Joe doesn’t want Hardy to die before the story ends. He has to save Claire. That is, once they figure out she is missing.