TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 311 – ‘I Ain’t A Judas”

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 311 – ‘I Ain’t A Judas”

Walking Dead Judas

Merle is locked up in a cell at the prison. Rick and the others discuss whether to stay or not. Rick doesn’t want to leave, but Herschel wants to go. Merle tells them all the things The Governor will do them if they stay. Herschel believes that Rick is slipping, and he needs to man up and prove himself.

Rick goes out to the tower to monitor the situation. Carl comes out and tells Rick to let Daryl or Herschel take over and to get some rest.

Milton and The Governor are talking numbers, apparently trying to figure out how many people they can train for warfare. Andrea confronts The Governor, asking about the attack on the prison. He tells her they were fired on first. It’s hard to say whether or not she believes him.

Andrea wants to go to the prison to try and make a truce. The Governor tells her if she goes, not to come back. She confides in Milton that she wants to escape, and needs his help. Milton reports back to The Governor, who tells him to help her. We also get to see The Governor’s gross stabbed out eye.

Andrea is showing Milton how to turn a walker into a “pet” as Michonne had done when they are surprised by Tyreese and his crew. Milton tells them about Woodbury and offers to take them back there while Andrea make an excuse to go off on her own. Tyreese’s crew offers to help The Governor in their war with Rick’s group.

Merle tries to apologize to Michonne, but sounds more like he’s just trying to get people off his back. Glenn doesn’t want Merle there, and Rick is cautious, but Herschel wants his military skills and loyalty to Daryl.

Carl and Maggie are on watch and see Andrea coming holding a walker in front of her. The rest of the group comes out and they eventually let Andrea in, but are very suspicious. She was unaware that The Governor was the aggressor in their confrontation.

Rick is not interested in any truce, and sends Andrea back with a car and a gun. Carol suggests to Andrea that if she sleeps with The Governor, she could kill him in his sleep, and all of this.

Andrea returns to Woodbury and tells The Governor that she went to the prison. She doesn’t know that he already knew. He asks her if Merle, Michonne and Rick were there and she tells him they were. They end up sleeping together, and Andrea gets up and grabs a knife. But she is unable to kill The Governor.

Back at the prison, the group is huddled around some flashlights. Beth starts singing for no apparent reason, and looking at everyone as she does. I assumed they were all going to break out in song. Instead, Rick starts talking to Herschel and Daryl about plans. Rick is going to take Michonne and Carl to get ammo and supplies to ready for The Governor. He wants Daryl to keep an eye on Merle, and for him and Herschel to watch things while he’s gone.

Overall, not a lot happened in this episode. Both sides are bracing for war, and Woodbury appears to have gained a few troops in Tyreese’s group. Andrea tried to kill The Governor, but couldn’t.

I was expecting him to wake up or have been awake the whole time, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. While I have been defending the show’s “slowness” for what seems like a full season now, even I have to admit that the storyline seems to be going nowhere. It looks like there will be another battle, but it feels so slow, and that this episode didn’t really need to happen.